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4 easy steps to understand our nanotechnology.

The nanotransporters or nanocarriers that we are working with can be looked upon as very small boxes. These boxes are only a few nanometer in size which means that it is impossible for the naked eye to be able to see the box. When several millions of them are placed together then it is possible to see them and then they usually appears as a white to yellow-ish glue.

These boxes we can filled with material such as tiny organic molecules, ions and metals. With small organic molecules we can for instance think about inks and other fluorescent molecules, it can be a small pharmaceutical product such as aspirine, ibuprofen etc. With ions we have copper and silver ions that can be filled inside the little box. We can even fill the box with nanometals such as nano gold.

Once these organic molecules, ions or even nano-metals are sitting inside the box then they are protected from the outside environment. If the organic molecules would have been outside of the box then they could have been destroyed by sunlight or it could have been oxidized (just like iron becomes rust) by oxygen the same could have happened to to the metal naoparticles. They very easily get oxidized back to its original starting form of being ions. The silver ions are for instance so well protected inside the box that if one adds sodium chloride (table salt) to it then there is no formation of silver chloride which is an extremely strong chemical compound that readily forms when silver and chloride ions approach each other.

After the implementation of the filled boxes in our customer product the box is either destroyed or the filling is slowly leaving the box to provide the desired nanotechnological solution. To give a couple of examples: When the nanotransporter or nanocarrier is used for drug delivery then the little box is being destroyed in a degradation process. When the product is used for the colouration of glass then the little box is being decomposed and are simply burnt away. In case of the electrical connectors then the box is being destroyed upon the build-in of the metal nanoparticle into the connector.