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Research Service

We perform a broad range of research and development projects and our expertise lies within:

  • Polymerization - we will be happy to produce new polymers for you, to improve an already known polymerization process or to help in the expansion and protection of a patent.
  • We have excellent knowledge in the functionalization of polymers. This can be done for the attachment of other groups, for further polymerization, for improving solubility, stability, etc. it can even be to significantly decrease toxicity, or to make amphiphiles or micells.
  • The production of metal nanoparticles where the stabilizer can carry also fluorescent dyes etc. either covalently or encapsulated. We have by now many years experience of integrating the metal nanoparticles into plastics, into glass, into metal matrices and also onto surfaces.

If you have a research and development problem that goes beyond what was described above then please just contact us and we will help you to figure out a way. At the very least we will be able to give an answer of we think it is feasible or not which can also be an answer of importance.