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Silver Metal Nanoparticles

Silver Metal Nanoparticles

Nanopartica's silver solutions are offered both in the form of ions as well as metal nanoparticles. One of the main uses of silver is for its antibacterial and fungicidal activity. Generally silver is excellent for making the lysis of bacteria and fungi without any regard to gram+ or gram-.

These products can be used in coatings for increasing shelf-time and also for protection once the product has been applied on the surface. Silver metal nanoparticles are also of interest due to its high conductivity.

For instance by implementing the silver nanoparticles into a electrochemical metal deposition we manage to regain the benefits of this high conductivity and at the same time we minimize the risk for oxidation due to two reasons. The silver is integrated into the second less noble metal and secondly due to this less noble metal that will be oxidized before the silver will be.

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