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Gold Metal Nanoparticles

Gold Metal Nanoparticles

The highly stable gold metal nanoparticles that are produced by nanopartica are useful for catalysis, colouration of glass, LSPR (local surface plasmon resonance) and within the automobile industry. The nicely red coloured solution can also be used for its visual impact.

In the last couple of years several articles have appeared concerning the use of gold as catalyst. The benefit with an as noble metal as gold is that it does not get oxidized and it is much harder to poison then many other catalytic metal complexes. Generally this is a benefit for all metal nanoparticles that they are less inclined to be poisoned.

The gold nanoparticles have been integrated into glass to create the plasmonic effect with a red/brown colour in the reflective light and a blue colour in the transmitted light.

By spreading the gold nanoparticles out on a surface (for instance glass) they can then bind to DNA / RNA or fluorescent markers which are then shifting the spectra due to the small change in the environment. This can be measured and quantified.

In the automobile industry we have built in the gold nanoparticles into otherwise pure nickel connectors. By doing so we decreased the quantity of gold needed with over 95% and created a connector with enhanced lifetime since it has over 600 HV in comparison to hard gold with around 120 HV.

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