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Dendritic Polyglycerol


For making the the dendritic polyglycerol we start with a core molecule called TMP (trimethylolpropane) to which we are slowly adding the monomer for producing the dendritic polyglycerol. Based on quantity of monomer added we end up with different core sizes. Usually we are selling 2.5 kDa, 5 kDa and 10 kDa. Upon request we can make any size in between as well as smaller and bigger. For pharmaceutical applications and drug delivery the best approach is to use the smaller ones.

These dendritic polyglycerol are of course also functionalized based on your specific application and requirements. We can add acid, amine, PEG, sugar, longer alkanes-chains etc. if You tell us what you want we will be able to make it for You.

This product is soluble in DMF, MeOH and water with slight variations based on the functional groups on the surface.

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