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Product prices

All products are sent in an aqueous solution 50/50 wt% for ease of handling. If specifically requested then the product can be sent dry.

To every order there will be additional shipping costs.

If you want us to use your shipping account then please provide the necessary details for doing so.

For orders within Europe (outside of Germany) please give us your companies or institutes tax number to avoid the addition of VAT.

For products that are custom synthesized the price will be divided as two items:

1. The price of the product per gram which will be on the shipping note as the value of the shipment.

2. The service cost for the performed custom synthesis.

To order a product please send an email to: info(at)

Order example: You want to have 125 grams of dendritic polyglycerol in the size of 10 kDa with 50% amine functionalization

Order then becomes: dPG-10kDa-NH2-125

Second example: You want 500 grams of dendritic polyethyleneimine in the size of 5 kDa with amide functionalization

Order then becomes: dPEI-5kDa-Amide-500

For prices please go to the specific folder on the left side or to take a closer look at the products you can even download the product catalogue as a pdf-file.