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Dye Encapsulation

Dye Encapsulation

With the nanotransporter and nanocarriers we can take a dye such as congo red which has no solubility in chloroform and make it into a suspension with the nice colour retained.

Other dyes have also been tested (nile red & rose bengal) with the same beneficial result.

Other applications are to use it within the medicinal field with fluorescent compounds to label the drug carrier to be able to see where it goes.

Another highly interesting field is to use these compounds for the visualisation in for instance confocal microscopes. Due to their charged surfaces they can attach themselves to all kinds of surfaces including cells from bacteria or fungi or any other cells for that matter. With the fluorescent dye either covalently attached or simply encapsulated in the nanotransporter we can receive a very nice visualization of the cells in the microscope.